Western Isles Island Games Association
Comann Geamannan Eileanach nan Eilean Siar

    Bermuda 2013    

Women's Triathlon, July 14th
Clearwater Beach, St David's Island

Bermudan Beach - looks just like our own!

General Rules

Full details will be discussed at the mandatory race briefing which will be held at Cedarbridge High School on Friday July 12th @ 5:30 p.m.  While the event is not an official ITU sanctioned event, we will be using some of their age-group rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and successful event.

  • Uniforms
    Should all be the same with Island name/code.  Zipper in the back no longer than 40 cm. A one piece uniform is preferred. If a two piece uniform is used there should be no space between the top and the bottom pieces; the two pieces must overlap. No bare torsos will be allowed and uniform must be worn over both shoulders at all times. Back zippers may be pulled down on the run. Front Zippers MUST remained closed at all times.
  • Helmets
    Will be checked to verify they fit properly on the athletes head. Helmets while left in transition should not be clipped.   Helmet must be securely fastened at all times when the athlete is in possession of the bike.
  • There will be a mount and dismount line.
  • It is a non-drafting event. Drafting – penalty applies (review on the ITU web site). Blocking, charging, obstructing or interfering with the forward progress of another athlete is also monitored.
  • Wheel station – bring your own wheels and have them labeled with Island name. Each athlete is responsible for replacing the wheel in the forks. The official will not be able to assist.
  • Race Numbers will be distributed and should be worn as directed and not modified in any way
  • Penalty will be added to your overall time as there will be no penalty box.
  • You are responsible to count your own laps and know the course.
  • No outside assistance from anyone other than a Race Official.
  • Refusing to follow instructions of a race official can result in a DSQ
  • Discharging or storing your equipment outside the designated area (transition box) will result in a Stop and Go penalty until amended.
Starting before the starters signal 15 Seconds
Drafting: 1st Offence 2 minutes
Drafting: 2nd Offence Disqualification
Taking off helmet on bike course Disqualification
Helmet left clipped in Transition 15 seconds
Mount before mount line 15 seconds
Dismount after dismount line 15 seconds


Triathlon Team
Kerry Macphee
Kerry Macphee
Christina Mackenzie
Christina Mackenzie


Western Isles Island Games Association
Comann Geamannan Eileanach nan Eilean Siar